Getting to Malta

Getting To Malta

Located in southern Europe some 90km below Sicily, Malta is a central destination with easy connections from all over the world. Direct routes fly into the island from across Europe, as well as from countries further afield, such as Dubai, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands,Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, Romania etc 

Our national carrier, Air Malta, operates from major airports in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, while other national and low-cost airlines have made it easier to get here than ever before.

Additionally, you can also reach the Maltese Islands as part of a scheduled cruise to the Mediterranean, or aboard a ferry from mainland Italy.

Getting to the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, Malta

The hotel is located in St Julian’s, a 20-minute drive from the airport and harbor.

Once you arrive in Malta, you can choose to travel by public transport on the local bus system, to take a transfer coach, or to book a private taxi. Alternatively, you could hire a car from one of the many representatives within the Arrivals area at the airport.

If you are driving to the hotel, follow the directions for Sliema, and then for St Julian’s. Drive towards the sea and follow the signs to the casino; the hotel is located just opposite the entrance to it.

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